Why is Rock Chip Repair The Best Business Opportunity Ever



What is rock chip repair?  Every year millions of cars are hit with road debris that causes chips in their windshields.  These chips, if left untreated will eventually crack.  When the windshield cracks, the owner of the vehicle will have no choice but to replace the windshield.  This costly replacement could have easily been avoided by having the chip repaired before it cracked. Because auto insurance companies are usually on the hook for the windshield replacement, they found they can save a lot of money by paying windshield repair specialists to repair their customer’s windshields.  This means your customers get their chip repaired at absolutely no cost to them and you get paid… A LOT!

Repairing chips is a simple process that anybody can learn to do.  Once you’ve learned the process you can literally start doing rock chip repairs immediately.  The insurance companies pay an average of $62 per repair.


Rock chips are happening constantly, over and over all day and all night.  The market is constantly resetting and there is a fresh set of customers in need of rock chip repairs every single day.  Until the auto industry comes up with some sort of affordable, indestructible glass you can enjoy a steady stream of customers day in and day out.