Make up to $100/hour Professionally Restoring Headlights
Want To Make $60 to $100 For
30 Minutes of Work? 
Make Money Restoring Headlights
There are currently around 36 million cars on the road in the United States. Millions upon millions of them have dingy, discolored headlights. Restoring headlights is big business and a great opportunity for you to make a lot of money!
Amazing Results for your Customers
Your customers will be blown away at how perfect their headlights look after having them restored professionally.  
Complete Training
We provide you with complete training and support to help you learn how to restore headlights and how to start your business.  Dealerships charge up to $200 for professional headlight restoration.  You can charge less than half that, provide high-quality results, and still make great money! 
Professional Equipment
If you want happy customers you want to do a professional job.  Don't settle for cheap do-it-yourself kits that will look good for a week, then fade and yellow. With our system, you can provide a professional service with a lifetime warranty.
Make Money Restoring Headlights Today!
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