Hey Vic,
I’m really looking forward to helping you start your rock chip repair business.  Here’s the info about the Platinum package (that’s the full coaching and support package):
When you join you’ll be sent a full set of rock chip repair equipment and you’ll get access to our online training and coaching forum.
Inside the member’s area we have the following video library:
1.  Intro and setup
This goes over all the little ins and outs of the rock chip business.  How to set up your business, how to register with the insurance companies, how to bill the insurance companies etc…
2.  Technical Training
How to actually fix rock chips.  This part is easy, repairing chips is not hard and can be learned in a day.
3.  Business Models:
Tent Model
Gas Station Model
Car Wash Model
Dealership Model
Each of these are great models to make good money with but you certainly aren’t limited to them in any way.  Students continue to surprise me with new and great ways to make money with this business.
4. Personal coaching.  This is the most important part.  Anybody can learn how to fix rock chips.  That’s the easy part.  Learning how to build a business and find customers is where people stumble.  Having me in your corner directing you and coaching you will give you the advantage you need to become profitable fast.   I coach you personally.  When you have questions or run into problems, you will contact me directly and I will respond directly.  You won’t be pushed off to somebody else that doesn’t know what they are doing.
My dream and my passion is to help entrepreneurs find their niche and become successful.  I find great joy in what I do and love seeing my clients succeed.
Here are some of my students:
Julie and Brandon Mills
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Here’s a text conversation from Julie that I just received:
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Here’s Bobby and Marie Bates:
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Here’s an email I just received from Marie:
Bobby and I are also loving this business! He and I both have other full time jobs that we actually love but we wanted to supplement our income with Rock Chip Repair on a part time basis. One Saturday we were out for only about 5 hours and made about $400. We are still trying to figure out the days and hours our little shop works best, but it’s awesome that we can provide an amazing service to people and can make pretty great money doing it! We have dreams of expanding and having our shop be full time with employees and honestly, we don’t feel it will be too long before we can make that happen. Thank you for all you’ve done to help us Ryan! We hope the summer is treating you great!💫
Here’s your equipment: 
1 – Platinum Case w/ Foam, One Injector
1 – Platinum Bridge Assembly, Complete w/ Seals/Lube
1 – Platinum Universal Base Seals, Qty 10
1 – Platinum Injector Lower Seals, Qty 10
1 – Platinum Injector Upper Seals, Qty 10
1 – Universal Lubricant, 1 oz
1 – Platinum Resin thin solution 1 oz
1 – Platinum Resin thick solution 1 oz
1 – Pit Fill Resin, 0.5 oz
1 – Pit Polish, 1 oz
1 – Polishing Cork
1 – Rechargeable Windshield Drill
1 – Drill Collet
1 – Carbide Drill Bits, Tapered, Qty 10
1 – UV Sunshade
1 – Platinum Curing Lamp, 12v
1 – Curing Film Tabs, Pkg of 25
1 – Razor Blades, Box of 100
1 – Spot Mirror
1 – Carbide Glass Pick
1 – Star and Crack Maker
1 – Platinum Injector Brush Cleaner
1 – Safety Glasses
1 – Gloves, Box of 100
Inline image 2
This bridge uses vacuum technology.  That helps because you put less pressure on the windshield.  Occasionally in windshield repair we deal with very sensitive chips and they can spread.  Using less pressure will keep that from happening.

Inline image 1

It is the FERRARI of rock chip repair equipment.  It’s very durable and comes with a lifetime warranty.  If does professional repairs and it makes the process very easy.
This is our Platinum package and it includes everything listed above.  It’s a one time fee of $2,997.  There are no on-going franchise fees or other hidden fees.  That’s it!
The second program is the Pro Starter pack which is $1,695.  It includes the following equipment:
1 Tool box
1 GlassPointe Pro Repair Bridge
10 Inner O-Rings
5 external End seals
1 Repair Resin (15ml)
1 Pit Filler Resin (10ml.)
100 Curing film strips
1 Battery powered UV light
1 Box razor blades
1 Variable high speed rotary drill with charger
5 drill bits
1 Single point probe
1 pair nitrile dipped gloves
1 heating element
This is the bridge:
The insurance companies pay an average of $65 per repair… The repairs take 10 minutes… You just can’t beat it!
It’s a fun business and I love being in it.  I’m looking forward to getting you going,
To your success!!
Ryan Fenn